Tony Khan Reportedly Prohibits AEW Wrestlers from Viewing WWE's 2023 Royal Rumble

Konnan reveals tensions following Dragon Lee's WWE transition.

by Noman Rasool
Tony Khan Reportedly Prohibits AEW Wrestlers from Viewing WWE's 2023 Royal Rumble
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AEW President Tony Khan rates in the most hardcore of professional wrestling fans, currently under a lot of heat from his handling of decisions to how he interacts with the public. The problem comes when some of those alleged and taken-for-granted decisions are, actually, not that much well-regarded inside the strata of wrestling fandom.

The worst part is that Khan is now being accused of not allowing any AEW talent to watch WWE's 2023 edition of the Royal Rumble. The spotlight grew on this issue when after Dragon Lee's move from AEW to WWE. Lee had first been acclaimed at AEW with the Los Ingobernables faction in 2022 and had become a sensation when he was signed with WWE just days after joining Dralistico in winning the AAA Tag Team belts during the AAA Noche de Campeones show at Acapulco.

Khan Confronts Konnan

The longtime wrestler and podcaster Konnan shared an anecdote about fallout from Lee's WWE signing that put him on the Keeping It 100 podcast. According to Konnan, after awarding the tag team titles to Lee and his brother, he faced a fiery backlash from Khan.

"Tony went off," Konnan explained, "accusing me of betrayal and demanding I should have informed him beforehand." This incident led to further discoveries from Konnan, who says that Khan had given an order not to watch the Royal Rumble.

In particular, Khan was reportedly upset that AEW staff had watched Cody Rhodes, the former AEW former wrestler, win the Rumble after recently returning to WWE. "He basically gave an edict: 'I better not find anybody watching that show,'" Konnan said.

While Whirlwind is conveying the negative energy, another wrestling stalwart, Billy Gunn, was in defense of Khan and pointed out how hard it was to run an entire wrestling promotion with the struggles and pressures that it brings along the way.

Tony Khan is becoming a polarizing figure in the world of wrestling. His loyalty to AEW is unquestionable, but what he has done lately and the building dissent in some factions speak toward him needing to reevaluate his leadership for the good of harmony within AEW and good public relations.

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