Regal's Backstage Mastery in WWE

Exploring William Regal's pivotal role in shaping NXT's future.

by Atia Mukhtar
Regal's Backstage Mastery in WWE
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Over the past decade, William Regal has managed to establish a key position for himself within the WWE, despite the turmoil in his career during the AEW detour. In 2022, Regal, one of professional wrestling's most respected personalities, had already made the step from in-ring performer to a key developmental position—a move that saw him significantly impact the courses of many of today's top Superstars.

The British wrestling icon was instrumental in bringing some of the biggest names in the industry to NXT, including but by no means limited to Mercedes Mone, Kevin Owens, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Finn Balor. He didn't just stop with the signings, either; he was part of the training staff at WWE's Performance Center and continued to pass on his knowledge to a whole new generation of superstars.

Regal's Strategic Influence

Despite having taken a step back from the limelight on his WWE return, Regal still wields influence backstage. Booker T, speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, explained that Regal is deep in a game of chess, making strategic plays that are affecting the future of the young prospects in NXT.

According to Booker, Regal actually does some things behind the scenes. His work is very instrumental as far as the direction of the division goes. Regal had a brief break in his run during the first month of 2022, when he was among the WWE talents let go that year, and then quickly signed with AEW.

That run would be equally brief, as he asked for his release at the end of the year and openly stated that he wanted to return to WWE to chase some opportunities working with his son. While William Regal's TV appearances have been few and far between, sources indicate there is no current plan to bring him back as a permanent on-air fixture.

His on-screen job, however, may have changed, but his overall stride hasn't lessened in the least, particularly when you take into consideration the integral layers helping mold the very foundation of WWE's developmental system.

It's an influence that never falters with time and just adds to Regal's collection as one of the best building blocks in creating tomorrow's sports-entertainment superstars.

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