Austin Theory Debunks WrestleMania Rumor

WWE's Austin Theory clears air on WrestleMania participation rumors.

by Noman Rasool
Austin Theory Debunks WrestleMania Rumor

At the recent WrestleMania 40, the SmackDown Tag Team Championship witnessed an electrifying showdown as Austin Theory and Grayson Waller emerged victorious in a thrilling six-team Ladder Match. Despite pre-match rumors suggesting potential exclusion from the event, the dynamic duo proved their mettle under the bright lights.

In the days leading up to WrestleMania, buzz circulated that WWE officials were reconsidering Theory and Waller's participation in the match, just after the pair had secured their spot on SmackDown. Speculation grew rampant online, casting doubt on their appearance in the high-stakes ladder match.

However, these reports remained unsubstantiated, and both wrestlers were geared up and entered the ring, living up to their billing. Addressing the rumors on the popular "Babyfaces" podcast, Austin Theory dismissed the speculation with a mix of amusement and disbelief.

"I heard about it, and honestly, it's fascinating how someone can just throw a thought online and it catches fire," Theory commented. He continued with a chuckle, "It goes to show there are quite a few gullible folks out there.

As for me and Grayson, missing out was never in the cards. We're top-notch, the cream of the crop across all rosters."

Orton Praises Austin Theory

In a separate development, WWE legend Randy Orton recently lauded Austin Theory, predicting a stellar trajectory for the young superstar.

In an interview, Orton expressed his admiration for Theory's prowess, stating, "He's got the world by the balls. The more he's tested, the more he thrives. It's impressive, and I expect nothing but great things from him moving forward." Theory and Waller's victory at WrestleMania not only silenced the doubters but also stamped their authority as premier athletes in WWE's tag team scene.

Their ability to rise above controversy and perform under pressure was a testament to their resilience and skill, traits that fans and commentators alike believe will lead them to more successes in the wrestling world. As they continue to dominate the tag team division, all eyes will be on this formidable pair to see how far their championship mettle can take them.

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