Jerry Lawler Faces Health Complications

Wrestling icon Jerry Lawler confronts new health challenges.

by Noman Rasool
Jerry Lawler Faces Health Complications

Jerry Lawler, a towering figure in wrestling history with over fifty years of experience, recently faced a health setback, enduring a third stroke within a few weeks, according to Dutch Mantell. Lawler, 73, has been a prominent fixture on WWE television for more than twenty years and continues to battle health challenges with resilience.

Born in Memphis, Lawler's indelible mark on the wrestling world began in the early stages of his career, eventually earning him the moniker 'The King.' Despite suffering a significant stroke in 2018, his tenacity saw him return to WWE television, where he took on roles such as a pre-show panelist, showing his enduring passion for the sport.

In 2023, Lawler faced another severe stroke, yet reports following this episode were positive, hinting at a hopeful full recovery. However, wrestling legend Dutch Mantell shared on his podcast, 'Story Time,' that Lawler had experienced yet another health episode recently.

"Well, this is another little thing that I heard through the little grapevine… but I heard he had another one, a minor one, but he did have another one within the last two or three weeks, I heard, or it may have been a month.

It must not have been a lot to it," Mantell explained. Despite these health scares, Lawler's spirits remain high, and his recovery journey, although steep, is ongoing. His resilience and determination continue to inspire fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Lawler Contract Speculations

In addition to his health news, Lawler has been at the center of professional speculation. Recent rumors suggested that his longstanding association with WWE might be winding down. These rumors initially indicated that Lawler's contract with WWE had quietly ended.

This speculation was swiftly refuted and later clarified, revealing that only the broadcasting elements of his contract had concluded. Jerry Lawler's journey through wrestling and his recent health battles underline the unpredictable nature of life, even for figures as iconic as 'The King.'

As he navigates these challenges, the wrestling community stands in support, hopeful for his recovery and eager to see what the future holds for one of their most storied personalities.

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