Carmella Reflects on Controversial WWE Money in the Bank Bout

Exploring Carmella's unexpected rise to WWE championship glory.

by Atia Mukhtar
Carmella Reflects on Controversial WWE Money in the Bank Bout
© WWE/YouTube

WWE Superstar Carmella recently took a trip down memory lane on "The Nikki and Brie Show," reflecting on her controversial yet historic win at the 2017 Money in the Bank event. During the match, a surprising twist saw James Ellsworth interfere, securing the briefcase on her behalf—a move that not only stirred significant buzz among fans but also marked a pivotal moment in her career.

Carmella candidly shared that the original plan did not have her slated for victory. The spotlight was initially on Becky Lynch, who was poised to clinch the women's Money in the Bank contract that year. "I knew fans were going to be so upset about it, but I felt like that was great because everyone's going to be talking about it," Carmella explained, embracing the controversy that the unexpected outcome generated.

The decision to alter the match's result came as a complete surprise to Carmella, especially since she had been part of the main roster for less than a year. "So then we showed up that day, and as we were talking through things, suddenly it was like 'and Carmella is going to win.'

I was like, what? Oh my God, I couldn't believe it," she recounted.

Carmella's Historic Cash-In

Carmella's tenure with the Money in the Bank contract is notable, holding the briefcase for an impressive 287 days—the longest period before a cash-in in WWE history.

Her strategic patience paid off when she finally cashed in on Charlotte Flair to capture the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship, solidifying her status in the wrestling world. The aftermath of the Money in the Bank match also saw a rematch ordered by WWE officials, due to the controversial nature of Ellsworth's involvement.

This second chance was a testament to WWE's confidence in Carmella, affirming her place as a key player in the women's division. She attributes a significant part of this decision to a promo she delivered on "SmackDown" following her initial victory, which she believes played a crucial role in changing perceptions backstage.

Carmella's reflections not only highlight the unpredictable nature of WWE storytelling but also underscore her resilience and adaptability in the face of unforeseen challenges. Her journey from an unexpected victor to a champion showcases the dynamic and often surprising paths careers can take in professional wrestling.