Finn Balor Shares Thoughts as Premier League 2023-24 Season Ends

WWE's Finn Balor weighs in on Premier League finale.

by Noman Rasool
Finn Balor Shares Thoughts as Premier League 2023-24 Season Ends
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Finn Balor, the celebrated Irish professional wrestler well known for his extraordinary prowess within and outside a ring, finds identity with WWE over the last decade. He was actually known to be very charismatic and athletic in the ring—basically, one of the most underrated talents at that point in time within the company.

In the time he had spent in WWE, victories tasted and losses were faced but he bounced back to become a Grand Slam Champion. Nowadays, he is currently working under Judgment Day and trying to win a WWE Tag Team Championship reign once more.

Though most of his time and attention was diverted toward his wrestling, Balor did manage to give some insight into how the 2023-24 Premier League season came to a close. Wading into the world of X – or the platform formerly known as Twitter – Balor tossed up a bit of a playful question for his followers.

"So what are we going to do now that the Premier League is over?" It's also indicative of his lifelong love of soccer, a game he played since childhood before dedicating himself fully to professional wrestling.

Balor's Football Passion

Balor shows how much he loves football by being on the road with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.

The London-based club finished in fifth place at the end of the season with 66 points after winning 20 games, losing 10, and drawing in eight occasions, thus qualifying for next season's Europa League. That rounds up the season in the Premier League, where Manchester City won the championship with 91 points; other than them, the Champions League representatives are Arsenal, Liverpool, and Aston Villa, who have ended in the top four places.

Football fanaticism is rampant within his colleagues in WWE such as the likes of Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Gunther, who are all into football. Sheamus, like this scribe, is a Liverpool supporter, while Gunther is a hardcore fan of Tottenham Hotspur just like Balor.

With the premier league season over which has kept Balor and other fans entertained for months, the wrestler now returns his concentration back to the ring. In a match that is currently buzzing with energy, Balor and his partner JD McDonagh are in the middle of trying to become the World Tag Team champions as they challenge the Awesome Truth team.

This sporting side to him stands in good stead with his professional commitments, and this surely speaks of Balor as a multifaceted character, not within the strict parameters of the wrestling ring but also in appealing to the fans outside the ring.

Now, with the off-season of football about to get underway, Balor is again about to hit the stage to make sure that excitement goes on right across the WWE universe.

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