D-Von Dudley Reacts to WWE 2K24 Inclusion

WWE legend discusses his video game character's representation.

by Atia Mukhtar
D-Von Dudley Reacts to WWE 2K24 Inclusion
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D-Von Dudley's reaction was one of cautious optimism when he learned he would feature in the latest WWE video game. As of May 15th, fans have been thrilled with the release of the ECW DLC for WWE 2K24, which brings iconic wrestlers from the Extreme Championship Wrestling era back into the virtual ring.

Among the legendary lineup are The Dudley Boyz, CM Punk, Terry Funk, and Sandman, offering gamers the opportunity to stage epic dream matches with these stalwarts. This year's addition marks a significant return for several characters.

CM Punk, a fan-favorite, makes his first appearance in the WWE gaming franchise since 2015. Similarly, The Dudley Boyz, comprising of D-Von and his equally formidable partner Bubba Ray Dudley, are featured for the first time since their last appearance in WWE 2K17.

D-Von's Contract Concerns

In a revealing conversation with Screen Rant, D-Von Dudley shared his initial concerns about his inclusion in the game. The primary issue for him was ensuring that his participation wasn't without compensation.

Once assured of payment, D-Von expressed no further reservations, placing his trust in the game's developers to represent his character authentically. D-Von Dudley, a WWE Hall of Famer and former Tag Team Champion, is not only known for his historic matches but also for his ongoing presence in the ring.

As of 2024, The Dudleys, reunited with D-Von at the forefront, last competed in April at the IWC Superstar Showdown V. Here, they triumphed in an extreme rules table match alongside Elijah, formerly known as Elias. This victory underscores the enduring appeal and prowess of the Dudley team.

The last WWE match featuring The Dudleys took place at the 2016 SummerSlam kick-off show, where the team faced off against Neville and Sami Zayn. More recently, the duo made a notable appearance during the 2024 WWE Draft, where they were instrumental in announcing draft picks for the Raw and SmackDown brands.

This resurgence of classic wrestlers in WWE 2K24 not only serves to celebrate the rich history of WWE but also bridges the gap between past legends and current stars, enhancing the gaming experience for fans across generations.

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