Trish Stratus Identifies Who Announced Her Pregnancy at WWE Hall of Fame

Exploring pivotal moments in Trish Stratus's wrestling career.

by Noman Rasool
Trish Stratus Identifies Who Announced Her Pregnancy at WWE Hall of Fame
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Trish Stratus, the iconic WWE Hall of Famer, recently shared a compelling story from her 2013 induction ceremony. During an interview on "The Green Zone," Stratus revealed why she chose Stephanie McMahon, the former WWE Chairwoman, to induct her, citing a significant shared history that catalyzed her career.

Stratus reflected on her transformative WWE storyline involving Vince McMahon, which Stephanie played an integral part in. "She was a big part of that transition from me standing up for myself finally as a character," Trish explained.

This storyline not only marked her shift from valet to a central figure in the ring but also underscored the duo's commitment to advancing women's wrestling.

Stratus & McMahon's Impact

Their collaboration was pivotal, particularly during Stratus’s first major pay-per-view match, which both women approached with determination to dispel any notions of it being just a 'catfight'

“We pulled out some crazy moves. Getting more credibility at the time we went out there,” Trish recounted, highlighting how their efforts added depth and respect to women’s matches. In a heartfelt detail, Stratus shared how McMahon supported her during a personal milestone—her pregnancy—which she announced during her Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

Stephanie's encouragement to share her news publicly made it a unique moment not just for Stratus but for her fans as well. “To go out there, have my moment, be accepted into the Hall of Fame, and that night I announced I was pregnant...

It was so cute,” Trish reminisced, acknowledging how fans have been part of her journey since. This moment of personal and professional celebration was a testament to the support and sisterhood between McMahon and Stratus, which has evidently shaped significant portions of Trish’s wrestling career and legacy.

Trish Stratus last graced the WWE stage in a riveting steel cage match against Becky Lynch at WWE Payback last year. As Stratus has been absent from the WWE scene for some time, fans eagerly await any news of her possible return for another exhilarating stint in the ring.

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