Perry Saturn Reveals Major Issue with Ex-WWE Champ

Exploring behind-the-scenes dynamics in professional wrestling.

by Atia Mukhtar
Perry Saturn Reveals Major Issue with Ex-WWE Champ
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Former WWE and WCW standout Perry Saturn recently shared his experiences and the tension he faced when competing against Matt and Jeff Hardy in the WWE. During a revealing session on "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Saturn offered an inside look at the complications that arose with the Hardy Boyz, particularly with Matt Hardy.

Saturn, alongside his tag team partner Dean Malenko, felt sidelined in the planning of matches, which frequently involved Matt Hardy and his close associate Michael Hayes. "In WWE, Matt went directly to Vince McMahon complaining I was too rough in the ring," Saturn disclosed.

He noted that the Hardys' tight-knit planning sessions with Hayes often excluded him and Malenko, leading to mounting frustration. "Dean, with his extensive ring experience, deserved more respect. We kept telling Matt to clue us in on the match setups, but our requests were ignored repeatedly," Saturn expressed.

The situation escalated to the point where Saturn altered his strategy during matches. When Matt was tagged in, Saturn would aggressively cut him off, significantly limiting his involvement in the action. "Looking back, both sides could have handled the situation better," Saturn admitted, reflecting on the decisions made during those heated moments.

Contrasting Hardy Approaches

Saturn had a different approach with Jeff Hardy, who he praised for his professionalism. "I'd bump all over the place for Jeff; then, when Matt tagged in, I changed my tactics," he explained, highlighting the stark difference in how he engaged with each brother.

The interview also touched on other former WWE stars who have had issues with Matt Hardy. Notably, Matt Hardy himself has opened up about his strained relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett. Despite their past grievances, which peaked after a confrontation at a Wrestlecade event, Hardy explained that they have since managed to coexist peacefully in AEW.

This candid recount by Perry Saturn sheds light on the complexities and interpersonal dynamics that often play out behind the scenes in professional wrestling, illustrating the challenges wrestlers face beyond the physical demands of the sport.

As the industry evolves, the experiences of veterans like Saturn provide invaluable perspectives on the importance of communication and respect among athletes.