Drew McIntyre Never Contemplated Exiting WWE

Drew McIntyre's loyalty to WWE underscores company unity.

by Noman Rasool
Drew McIntyre Never Contemplated Exiting WWE
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As WWE navigates a pivotal period of contract renewals with its top talents, the spotlight shines on several main event stars whose futures with the company are drawing keen interest. Among them, Drew McIntyre, whose recent re-signing with WWE marks a significant moment following months of speculation.

Now, McIntyre's contract status had been the talk of the wrestling world, just as other superstar contract negotiations cropped up such as Charlotte Flair and Cody Rhodes, who also recently signed new deals. However, the story with McIntyre went a bit further than mere speculation.

In an exclusive interview with the PWInsider Elite, McIntyre responded to reports regarding his potential WWE exit.

McIntyre's Unwavering Commitment

"It was never really on my mind to leave. WWE is my home. It's where I want to be," affirmed the Scottish wrestler.

Even in his personal life, facing a tragic loss like the death of his wife's sister, McIntyre could not be distracted from his career with WWE. "It's been a rough year on a personal level. There were times where I thought it might be necessary to take a step back to help my family with our loss and grief," he said.

WWE's support during these trying times was not lost on McIntyre. "The company has been incredible. They gave me the space and support I needed, whenever I needed it. That kind of understanding and flexibility helped us immensely," McIntyre gratefully acknowledged.

This level of support solidified his decision to stay with WWE, culminating in a renewed contract at the end of April. Currently sidelined, McIntyre's absence from the ring is felt by fans and fellow wrestlers alike. However, anticipation builds for his return, where he is expected to reclaim a prominent position in the World Heavyweight Championship scene.

His upcoming comeback is not just a return to form but a reaffirmation of his dedication to WWE and its global audience. As WWE continues to secure its roster's core, the re-signing of Drew McIntyre not only stabilizes its championship lineup but also signals WWE's commitment to supporting its talent through professional and personal challenges, ensuring the company remains a familial pillar for its stars.

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