Ex-WWE Star Melina Starts Fundraiser to Save Family Home

Melina leverages her fame for a crucial family cause.

by Noman Rasool
Ex-WWE Star Melina Starts Fundraiser to Save Family Home
© WWE/YouTube

Former WWE superstar Melina Perez has gone one step further than the squared circle, starting a fundraiser to avoid having her family home repossessed. Her place is in the annals of the WWE women's division, as surely as she continued to assert herself among the elite talents each year of her career, notably during the mid-2000s in particular.

Melina has been the one to stand out and be ahead now that the age of Lita and Trish Stratus has passed, and in which Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix, and Mickie James have become premier figures. Her leaving WWE will not in any way affect her commitment to family or various community causes.

Facing a personal crisis, she has used her platform to rally for a family member facing foreclosure on the house they've lived in for 40 years.

Melina's Fundraising Efforts

Pulling all the stops, Melina reached out to her swathe of social media followers, publicly announcing the GoFundMe campaign and calling on her fans and the whole wrestling community to come to her aid.

She also drew support from Cameo, where her price per appearance was cut so she could make personalized videos for her fans, and will auction memorabilia on eBay with a goal of raising $10,000 for the immediate needs of her family.

She took to Twitter to outline measures: "Sending a post in hopes to raise money for family. This next week, I will be auctioning things off on eBay, discounting videos on Cameo, and asking for donations on GoFundMe to help raise money to help my family keep their home.

On the larger scale of commonness, Melina's efforts epitomize the role that public figures have to play in bringing support to personal or community challenges. Even though she has claimed to be indifferent about any return to WWE, her intentions are evident for support through this time of need.

It remains to be seen the response from the wrestling community, but Melina's campaign echoes the power of unity and help in such crucial times.