WWE Amusement Park Renamed in Unusual Move by Vince McMahon

Exploring the complex world of WWE naming conventions.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Amusement Park Renamed in Unusual Move by Vince McMahon
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Vince McMahon, long recognized for his capricious approach to branding WWE stars, often makes decisions that seem arbitrary from the outside. Recently, Ivar from the Viking Raiders shared insights into the challenging name changes he and his partner Erik faced during their transition to the WWE main roster.

In a revealing interview with Chris Van Vliet, Ivar reflected on their journey from the independent circuits to the big stage of WWE. Originally known as War Machine in Ring of Honor, the duo had to rebrand to War Raiders upon their entry into NXT.

This change, advised by Triple H, was necessary due to unfortunate associations with an MMA fighter who shared their former moniker. Triple H was intent on ensuring that a Google search would not lead young fans down a problematic path.

Despite the initial renaming, the real challenge came with their main roster debut. McMahon, a noted enthusiast of Viking culture, insisted on integrating 'Viking' into their team name. Legal constraints, due to existing trademarks with the word 'Viking,' led to a series of rejected suggestions.

This culminated in a last-minute decision to name them 'The Viking Experience' during their debut—an unpopular choice that did not sit well with fans or the team themselves. Ivar shared the tumult of their debut day, marked by flight cancellations and a late arrival, which left them little time to contest the decision.

The name, likened to an amusement park attraction, was met with immediate backlash.

Viking Raiders: Name Change

The feedback was so overwhelmingly negative that Ivar and Erik approached McMahon directly, expressing their discomfort with the name.

McMahon, respecting their perspective, agreed to consider alternatives. After several suggestions, they settled on 'Viking Raiders,' a name that was updated on WWE’s website just two days later. This episode underscores the unpredictable nature of branding in WWE and the importance of feedback in shaping performer identities.

As the Viking Raiders continue to make their mark, their name saga remains a notable example of adaptability and audience engagement in professional wrestling.

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