Wrestling Community Honors Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) on His Birthday

Reflecting on a beloved wrestling icon's enduring legacy.

by Atia Mukhtar
Wrestling Community Honors Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) on His Birthday
© WWE/Youtube

Today, the wrestling community commemorates a poignant milestone: the birthday of the late Windham Rotunda, known to fans worldwide as Bray Wyatt. May 23 not only marks nearly nine months since his untimely passing but would have also been his 37th birthday.

On this day, friends, family, and colleagues have taken to social media to pay homage to his enduring legacy and express their personal memories and grief. Matt Hardy, Rotunda's former WWE tag team partner, shared a touching video on X (formerly Twitter) from their iconic moment at WWE WrestleMania 34.

This event was a turning point for both wrestlers, setting the stage for their successful stint as "WWE Raw" Tag Team Champions. Hardy's post captured a poignant scene of the two embracing, underscored with the caption, "Happy Birthday to Windham Rotunda [red heart emoji]."

WWE's Heartfelt Tribute

WWE's official account on X joined the tributes with a powerful image of Rotunda, bathed in the glow of his signature lantern, surrounded by an arena of fans referred to as "fireflies." Their message, "Remembering Windham Rotunda, known to WWE fans as Bray Wyatt, today on his birthday," echoed the sentiment of loss and remembrance that many fans felt.

Alexa Bliss, a close on-screen ally of Rotunda during their WWE tenure, responded to WWE’s post, expressing how deeply he is missed by the WWE family. Similarly, Amanda Huber, whose late husband Brodie Lee was another of Rotunda's close colleagues, shared her personal tribute, referring to Rotunda affectionately as "Uncle Bay." Braun Strowman, another former member of The Wyatt Family, posted a heartfelt message alongside a photograph of him and Rotunda at the Eiffel Tower, saying, "Happy birthday Hoot!!!

I f---- miss you." Perhaps the most heart-wrenching tribute came from Rotunda’s wife, JoJo Offerman. On Instagram, she posted an emotional collage of videos set to Kyle Hume’s "If I Would Have Known," with a caption that laid bare her ongoing grief: "Happy Heavenly Birthday My Love.

I miss you every day," she wrote. "WE miss you every day. Nothing is the same without you here. I want to say more, but I just feel broken and defeated. I love you forever Windham, I wish I could still hold you and give you a hundred kisses." As the wrestling world pauses to honor Windham Rotunda on his birthday, the outpouring of tributes underscores the profound impact he had both in and out of the ring.

His legacy, marked by his charismatic persona and deep personal connections, continues to resonate with those who knew him and admired him from afar.