WWE's Liv Morgan Talks Chucky Appearance

Exploring Liv Morgan's unexpected venture into television drama.

by Atia Mukhtar
WWE's Liv Morgan Talks Chucky Appearance
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In a candid conversation on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Liv Morgan, the charismatic former WWE Women’s Champion, shared insights into her longstanding dual fascinations: professional wrestling and the infamous Chucky from the "Child’s Play" horror series.

Morgan, renowned for her spirited presence in the ring, revealed a lesser-known passion for the chilling antics of the serial killer doll. From a young age, Morgan harboured an equal affection for the world of wrestling and the eerie allure of Chucky.

Her enthusiasm for both realms of entertainment was palpable as she recounted her proactive approach to becoming part of the "Chucky" television series. "I've always been captivated by Chucky, much like my love for wrestling," Morgan explained.

Spotting an opportunity when the series was announced, she didn't hesitate to reach out through WWE, asking if there might be a chance for her to participate, even if it meant simply observing from the sidelines.

Surprise Cameo Success

The response to her request exceeded her expectations.

Not only was Morgan invited to the set, but she also secured a cameo in the show, thanks to a productive Zoom call with series creator Don Mancini. "He wrote me into the show, and just like that, I was in. It was an incredible experience.

They welcomed me like family, and it was just really cool," Morgan reflected on her seamless integration into the "Chucky" family. Her role in the series was as memorable as it was brief Morgan’s character met a grisly end at the hands of Chucky himself.

Despite the graphic nature of her scene, Morgan was thrilled with the opportunity, underscoring her genuine affection for the character, "I love Chucky; we have a great relationship despite the murder." On set, her instructions were straightforward yet fitting for her vibrant personality: "Be Liv and then just get murdered." Morgan's cameo in "Chucky" not only highlights her versatility and willingness to embrace different aspects of pop culture but also illustrates the synergy between her wrestling persona and her on-screen character.

This unique intersection of interests provided her with a platform to explore new creative territories while maintaining her foundational love for wrestling and horror. This combination continues to captivate her fans.

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