Wrestling Vet Questions AJ Styles' Weak Booking; Suggests WWE Has Future Plans

Exploring the recent struggles of WWE's AJ Styles.

by Noman Rasool
Wrestling Vet Questions AJ Styles' Weak Booking; Suggests WWE Has Future Plans
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Former WWE manager, Jim Cornette, has now come out to speak on AJ Styles' recent series of defeats while in the WWE and how it raises queries around the direction the promotion is going to in booking its talent. Styles may be a superstar, but he fell shockingly early in the opening round of the King of the Ring Tournament to Randy Orton on SmackDown.

Since coming back from injury, Styles, who is known as "The Phenomenal One," has been disgraced in a series of losses. He was first eliminated in a Fatal Four Way at the Royal Rumble, which included big names: Roman Reigns, LA Knight, and Randy Orton.

At Wrestlemania XL, AJ Styles was bested by his old nemesis LA Knight, and his luck continued to be sour at Backlash in a match against Cody Rhodes, who was much celebrated despite the losing end.

Strategic Booking for Styles

Cornette pointed out in his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience, that WWE was putting up a new storyline around its Grand Slam Champion.

The observer is of the opinion that the quick elimination of Styles from King of the Ring could be a calculated move by WWE to pivot him into a high-stakes feud very soon. "AJ has vowed his revenge and to get back into the King of the Ring to settle scores with Cody, because it was an unfair outcome.

It seems there's more in store for AJ Styles. This is really completely unprecedented: all things considered, to lose him so early in a qualifier on network TV, especially after a pay-per-view loss. This could indicate a bigger plot unfolding," Cornette explained.

Besides, Cornette also went on to build up Styles for his body shape, of having equaled with one of the wrestling greats, Lex Luger, and congratulated him for his match against Orton. " AJ looks phenomenal, almost like Lex Luger these days.

He's incredibly fit. The match quality between Randy Orton and AJ was top-notch, although it won't significantly alter the landscape of wrestling," he said. As the WWE Universe waits with bated breath to see what's next for AJ Styles, there is an explosion of rumors in wrestling circles about who that competition could be that he may use to revive his winning ways.

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