Recent Revelation Uncovers the True Identity of WWE's Uncle Howdy

Mystery deepens around WWE's intriguing character, Uncle Howdy.

by Noman Rasool
Recent Revelation Uncovers the True Identity of WWE's Uncle Howdy
© ZeeLordHD/YouTube

And in typical Uncle Howdy fashion, the enigmatic figure has shocked again, his preternatural identity shrouded by mystery and chatter. Recent activities on a Twitch stream have concluded with a zoom-in to a smile that many believe could possibly unveil the persona behind this cryptic character.

Eager sleuths compared the smile shown in the live stream to those of many WWE stars and other personalities, with a good portion of them deciding that that's the one that looks the most like Bo Dallas, a popular WWE wrestler who is well known for doing just that.

That stunning revelation soon went viral through the wrestling community, and many were convinced the mysterious man was indeed Dallas.

Expanding the Mystery

The specter of comparisons didn't end with Dallas, however. Some fans even compared the smile on the stream to that of NXT star Joe Gacy, who is currently away from WWE screens, to fuel the fire even more.

To make this whole thing even wilder, word has it that Gacy is part of what many are calling the Wyatt 6 faction, which reportedly includes Uncle Howdy. It's not only Gacy on the list as a potential entry to the Wyatt 6; names like Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, and Erick Rowan are also being added for speculation.

This all hyped up the anticipation of who Uncle Howdy is and what his storyline will be. All of this gets a bit weird, though, because last week's episode of WWE SmackDown actually included a QR code that, when viewers at home scanned it, linked to a video on the WWE YouTube page from April 7, 2014.

That date is interesting for one clear reason: it is the upload date for a motivational video featuring none other than Bo Dallas, literally just weeks after The Wyatt Family had done battle against the elite talents of WWE at WrestleMania 30, including John Cena, Sheamus, and Big E.

Obviously, this has caused speculation to link Dallas with the Uncle Howdy character. With the company continuously piecing this intricate storyline together, the community watches with bated breath, putting together clues, waiting for the day that the mystery of Uncle Howdy will finally be revealed.

Whether it is about Bo Dallas stepping up as the face behind the mask or something else, the anticipation keeps fans tuned in and guessing.