Tony Schiavone Discusses the Impact of WWE Hall Of Famer Gorilla Monsoon

Reflecting on the profound impact of a wrestling icon.

by Noman Rasool
Tony Schiavone Discusses the Impact of WWE Hall Of Famer Gorilla Monsoon
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Gorilla Monsoon, a towering figure in wrestling and WWE Hall of Famer, still resonates powerfully with industry veterans today. Tony Schiavone recently discussed Monsoon's profound impact on wrestling's narrative and culture on the "What Happened When?" podcast.

Schiavone highlighted how Monsoon's presence and expertise greatly influenced his own career and the broader wrestling world. Monsoon had a booming voice that commanded respect on and off-screen. "In the studio and locker room, everyone had immense respect for him," Schiavone said.

He praised Monsoon's general behavior and speaking style, describing him as "one of the nicest, greatest men ever". "Gorilla Monsoon was a very confident man. He didn't seem to care about what anybody thought of him, and how he presented himself in the 'real world' is exactly how he was," said Schiavone.

Monsoon's Legacy Continues

After his wrestling career, Monsoon did not make himself scarce, though. He instead turned his talents toward commentating and booking. He made the transition perfectly, given that he knew the sport and the conceptual space of its narrative better than anyone else.

Schiavone also especially gives credit to Monsoon, and fellow commentator JR for influencing deeply his very own way of sports commentary in wrestling. "The lessons in announcing they taught me how to highlight the action and captivate an audience were invaluable," explained Schiavone.

Schiavone's musings were not only an emotional homage in acknowledgment of Monsoon's influence on wrestling, but he had pointed out that he was more than merely a mat personality. He has left a legacy behind that spans the generations and sees himself marked as a true legend of the industry.

The world of wrestling may be transitory and ever-changing, but the memories and lessons learned from icons like Gorilla Monsoon will always be an inspiration for those who follow.

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