WWE Drops 'Big Time Becks' Trademark Amid Rising Controversy

WWE faces legal hurdle over popular wrestler's nickname.

by Noman Rasool
WWE Drops 'Big Time Becks' Trademark Amid Rising Controversy
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WWE finally dumps a trademark rumble by dropping its 'Big Time Becks' fight, which is closely associated with superstar Becky Lynch's heel persona. A protracted legal row between the parties ensured upon opposition to registration of the mark, a matter of days after registration.

One of the biggest stars to emerge from WWE in recent years has been Becky Lynch, who finally had a character change, much appreciated by WWE fans. WWE jumped on it and has released the 'Big Time Becks' moniker, with alacrity filing to protect the trademark but got into an immediate legal tussle when James K Duck complained, claiming earlier usage of the word "Bigtime" in wrestling-related aspects.

This unleashed an ongoing set of legal actions culminating in WWE's recent withdrawal.

Trademark Decision Details

"Abandoned after an inter parties decision" is how the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board's press release reports it.

Further factual details of the decision are found on TTABVUE at the website of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. The abandonment of the 'Big Time Becks' trademark gives a hint that character development for Becky Lynch may likely change in the near future.

It was a very popular trademark, but she decided to let it go; hence, WWE does not seem to go with this angle involving her in the near future. However, as the reigning Women's World Champion, she keeps enjoying the love and adulation of the fans, and her character is one that does not seem to be going anywhere soon.

Yet, with WWE now staging such a strategic retreat on the trademark dispute, combined with past legal challenges and fan reception, it shows just how important such developments can be in the determination of future storyline directions and character arcs.

As if to prove that, WWE still continues to mold and change their creative decisions into something that will fit both to a T: audience expectations and boundaries of legality.