Mercedes Mone Discusses WWE vs. AEW: Calls for Unity Over Rivalry

Mercedes Mone speaks on unity in professional wrestling.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mercedes Mone Discusses WWE vs. AEW: Calls for Unity Over Rivalry
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As All Elite Wrestling (AEW) continues to captivate audiences since its inception in 2019, the landscape of professional wrestling has witnessed a sharpened rivalry, especially on social media platforms where fans fervently compare it to the established World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

This competitive narrative often places the two promotions in direct opposition, with supporters zealously advocating for one over the other. However, Mercedes Mone, a seasoned champion from WWE now making waves in AEW, offered a fresh perspective on this discourse during a recent interview with US Weekly, just before her anticipated AEW in-ring debut at Double or Nothing 2024.

Mone, who has quickly become a prominent figure in AEW, shared her thoughts on the ongoing rivalry between the two wrestling giants. "There should be no competition between the companies themselves," Mone asserted. "The real competition should be among us wrestlers, striving to headline shows and maximize our earnings.

Here in AEW, my goal is to establish myself as the face of the company, not to compete against other organizations." Highlighting the influence of digital communication on fan perceptions, Mone suggested that much of the rivalry is amplified online rather than reflecting genuine animosity.

"People are deeply engrossed in their phones, engaging in debates and complaints online, which doesn’t truly represent the real world," she explained. "Attending live wrestling events offers a completely different, enjoyable experience with other fans, showing that the essence of wrestling is fun and camaraderie."

Wrestling Beyond Rivalries

Mone also touched on the broader phenomenon of wrestling tribalism, a sentiment echoed by fellow AEW stars like MJF, Saraya, and Adam Copeland.

She emphasized the need for fans to see beyond online rivalries and appreciate the entertainment provided by wrestlers across all platforms. This perspective resonates with many within the industry, including WWE stars Bayley and Naomi, who supported Mone by attending her AEW debut in Boston earlier in March.

This call for unity in the wrestling community underscores a shift towards recognizing the sport’s entertainment value over inter-promotional competition. As wrestlers like Mercedes Mone continue to bridge gaps between fiercely loyal fan bases, the hope is that wrestling enthusiasts will focus more on the thrill of the performance rather than the platform it occurs on, fostering a more inclusive environment for all fans.

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