Mark Henry Details AEW Exit Plans

Wrestling legend outlines next steps after contract conclusion.

by Atia Mukhtar
Mark Henry Details AEW Exit Plans
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WWE Hall of Famer and long-time AEW coach Mark Henry announced that he won't be renewing his contract with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) following its expiry on May 28. During a conversation with "Busted Open Radio," Henry expressed his deepest gratitude to AEW as a company and alluded to his future now that he has post-tenure with the wrestling promotion.

"It was the best experience with AEW and the Khan family. They have gotten behind me like none other, and I'm thankful for our time together," added Henry.

Henry's Future Endeavors

But despite his pending departure, Henry is no less enthusiastic about professional wrestling.

He said stepping aside for AEW is part of the same game plan that gives him more run-of-the-mill personal entrepreneurship businesses like his website and his brand Remarkable and remarked, "This is the right moment for me to focus on my entrepreneurial projects.

I'm looking forward to managing my business interests more directly." Henry also wanted to make sure he left on good terms and had a mutual agreement with his fans and colleagues at AEW. Professional closure, he continuously said: "It's crucial both parties have a good close at the end of this chapter.".

However, as he is about to transition out of coaching, Henry does not leave wrestling completely. But he intends to withdraw for a couple of months to address a couple of business undertakings before returning to the wrestling scene.

"I don't say goodbye to wrestling," Henry said. "I am just going to take a short break to put my focus on some important projects which need my complete focus. I intend to get back with a reformed idea and relentless efforts to do good for the business." Fans and wrestling fans will be watching this transition of Mark Henry with interest to see what the lasting effects and knowledge he's made in professional wrestling will continue to be.

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