Former WWE Wrestler Debuts Fresh Ring Persona

Emma Diaz reveals insights on her WWE exit strategy.

by Noman Rasool
Former WWE Wrestler Debuts Fresh Ring Persona
© WWE/YouTube

Former WWE talent Emma Diaz, who recently made headlines with her departure from the global wrestling platform, has reinvented herself under the new ring name "Carolina Cruz". This change comes after her stint on the WWE’s Roku exclusive, WWE Next Gen, where she showcased her prowess before being released earlier this month.

In a candid revelation on Twitter, Diaz, now Cruz, unveiled her new identity, sharing a promotional video that hinted at her refreshed and defiant wrestling character. "My name is Carolina Cruz, and this is my story. #WWENextGen #TheHavanaSavage," her tweet read, setting the stage for her next career phase.

Cruz's WWE Departure Insights

During an exclusive interview, Cruz discussed the circumstances surrounding her departure from WWE, attributing it to the creative team's lack of vision for her character. "They usually say creative has nothing for you when they can't place you within their narrative," she explained.

Despite the setback, Cruz remains determined to carve out a successful career in wrestling, drawing strength from her experiences and relationships, particularly with Coach Bloom, who has been a significant mentor since her tryout days.

Cruz candidly shared her insights on the industry's demands, emphasizing the need for a distinctive edge, whether in-ring skills or a compelling character. "To stand out, you need to excel extraordinarily in at least one aspect," she noted.

Now on the independent circuit, Cruz is eager to connect with the audience, refine her skills, and evolve her persona, confident that this route will lead her back to prominence, potentially even a return to WWE. Adding a personal touch to her professional journey, it's noted that Cruz is romantically involved with NXT star Lexis King, another facet of her life that fans follow with interest.As Cruz steps forward under her new alias, the wrestling community watches eagerly, anticipating the next chapters of a career reborn on the indie scene, where many a legend has been forged.