New Wyatt 6 QR Code on WWE Raw Hints at Missing Woman

Wyatt 6 teases continue with mysterious QR code clues.

by Noman Rasool
New Wyatt 6 QR Code on WWE Raw Hints at Missing Woman
© WWE/YouTube

In a thrilling turn of events on WWE Raw, the mystery surrounding the "Wyatt 6" faction deepened with the discovery of a new QR code. This code, featured during Monday's episode, led viewers to a website containing three files, including two videos and a screenshot of a disconnected Ring camera.

The first video reveals Bray Wyatt's former therapist, who had previously been reported missing. In the video, she appears on a mock news program, reassuring viewers that she is safe. "Thank you to everybody who voiced so much concern about me being missing," she said.

"Honestly, I was surprised everyone was so worried. I was completely fine and never in any danger. I'm just thankful he set me free." The news crawl at the bottom of the screen initially provides details about her disappearance before shifting to a cryptic message: "I forgot who I was and he reminded me who I am.

Remember who you are." This sentence repeats multiple times, concluding with "HE SET ME FREE." After speaking, the therapist smiles at the camera for a few moments before the video fades to black.

Deeper Wyatt 6 Symbolism

The second video delves further into the Wyatt 6 lore, showcasing a symbol inspired by Pluto, representing spiritual transformations in astrology.

The raven symbol, a recurring motif in Wyatt 6 teasers, makes another appearance. The video begins with the first clip playing on a laptop, then swiftly transitions to a figure sitting in a chair. The camera then pans to reveal the Pluto-like symbol, cuts back to the now-empty chair, and shows the figure reflected in a mirror behind it.

The final file from the QR code is a screenshot labelled "RING RING," showing a disconnected Ring camera at someone's front door. Clicking on the image reveals the file name "DSEASIDESPARROW." The latest clue follows another QR code that surfaced on Monday, targeting players of WWE 2K24 on all platforms.

The associated video hints at Sister Abigail's presence and provides a game code, "HESEESYOU2K24," rewarding users with a manager card for MyFaction mode. Last Thursday, Wyatt's birthday, brought significant revelations for the anticipated Wyatt 6 faction.

A figure was shown writing letters, possibly to future faction members like Nikki Cross, Erick Rowan, Dexter Lumis, and Joe Gacy. Online speculation suggests the faction might debut on June 17, during a live episode of Raw from Corpus Christi, Texas, following the Clash at the Castle event in Scotland.

As the mystery unfolds, fans eagerly await more clues and the eventual debut of the Wyatt 6 faction, promising to bring new intrigue and excitement to WWE programming.