Liv Morgan's Bold Message to Rhea Ripley Before Kissing Dominik on WWE RAW

Liv Morgan's dramatic victory sparks new WWE rivalries.

by Noman Rasool
Liv Morgan's Bold Message to Rhea Ripley Before Kissing Dominik on WWE RAW
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The biggest moment on Monday Night RAW came after Liv Morgan had played it big as the current Women's World Champion following her steel cage victory over Becky Lynch. It was not only a huge win for her but also a night of big drama that included giving Dominik Mysterio a well-placed kiss and upping the ante in her personal war with Rhea Ripley.

At the match in full flow, Morgan found that opportune moment to tell the real story of what had happened to Ripley, who was out right now with injury. With that flying kiss towards the camera, that sarcasm carried by Morgan seemed almost palpable, and the message was very clear: about supremacy and how Ripley could not do anything at present.

It wasn't just a taunt; it was a slap in the face to Ripley, screamed from the mountaintops, clearly placing Morgan as the new champion and put everybody on notice about taking all challengers.

Ripley's Injury Escalates Feud

For weeks now, the feud between Morgan and Ripley has been intensifying.

Halfway through a confrontation with Mickie James, Ripley had to leave the ring due to an injury and dropped her title. That incident provided only more fuel to the fire of their feud, with Morgan seizing every occasion to provoke her sidelined adversary.

In an emotionally charged post-match scenario, Morgan pulling into the arms of Dominik Mysterio, a close ally of Ripley's, added the personal touch to their professional enmity. The provocation moved above has set the stage not only for heightened tension but for a complex dynamic between Morgan, Mysterio, and Ripley herself upon her return.

So, WWE fans are abuzz already, and the speculation over what the future holds with these three personalities' interactions is beginning to build. With Ripley merely an arm's stretch away, it's about to get real. How shall Ripley handle Morgan's attacks and taunts, and isn't this personal and professional rivalry adding further challenges to Morgan as a champion? This WWE chapter has definitely seen Liv Morgan making her actions speak the loudest on RAW. Her revenge tour is filled with drama, emotion, and simmering intensity that WWE fans like.

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