Bron Breakker Stuns WWE Team

Bron Breakker's RAW rampage continues with shocking actions.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bron Breakker Stuns WWE Team
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Former NXT standout Bron Breakker made a main roster debut that was quite dramatic at this year's Royal Rumble and has not looked back since. Chaotic would be the perfect word for his presence after recently being drafted to Monday Night RAW in this week's WWE Draft 2024.

In a losing effort, Breakker took on yet another newcomer to NXT and now RAW in Kale Dixon, who made his debut. Here, Breakker literally showed his dominant side in the three vicious spears on Dixon, which forced the referee to stop the match, as Dixon had no will or recompense of carrying on.

But Breakker wasn't any lenient with his aggression; he kept on beating Dixon until the WWE officials were basically forced to come out and pull him off, thus pinning him as a downright ruthless competitor in the ring. Drama hit an all-time high in the WWE RAW episode on May 27.

Breakker Defies Suspension

This confusion aside, however, it would be after a match between Dragunov and Ricochet that Breakker would come down to the ring following his suspension and completely ignore earlier claims from the RAW General Manager Adam Pearce to deliver two brutal spears, one to each competitor.

Unexpected and quick actions caught the wrestling production crew off guard, leading to sudden change of camera angles that tried to sharply cover his forceful moves, especially the spear on Ricochet. Responding to the event further down the night, Adam Pearce acknowledged Breakker to be a highly potential talent but was compelled to fine him by three times more due to his unruly behavior of not accepting suspension and creating all that chaos.

This decision from Pearce clearly portrays the difficulties one faces managing a talent as unpredictable and formidable as Breakker. As this lad keeps on impressing the heads of WWE with his performances, it continues to raise the anticipations as to what can be the planning of WWE about this former NXT Champion.

Obviously, Breakker is being set for the top of the card, and fans are bubbling up with excitement to see how his career on Monday Night RAW will shape up in the weeks to come. This has certainly, although controversially, stamped his reputation within the WWE universe as someone not to be toyed with.

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