Bully Ray Comments on Becky Lynch's WWE Contract Rumors

Exploring potential shifts in Becky Lynch's wrestling career.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bully Ray Comments on Becky Lynch's WWE Contract Rumors
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The wrestling community is abuzz with speculation surrounding Becky Lynch's future with WWE, especially after her recent loss in a rematch against Women's World Champion Liv Morgan on "WWE Raw." With her contract set to expire on June 1, there are growing concerns that Lynch may not be seen in the WWE ring for some time.

The company is reportedly bracing for her absence, although negotiations for a new contract are still underway. During a segment on "Busted Open Radio," wrestling veteran Bully Ray weighed in on Lynch's situation, suggesting that the former champion might be looking to take a break from the rigorous demands of professional wrestling to spend more time with her three-year-old daughter.

"Maybe she needs to recharge her batteries," he commented. The conversation has fueled widespread speculation about her next moves should she decide to step away from WWE when her contract ends. "If you cannot come to an agreement right now on money, both sides are walking away with a handshake, agreeing to take a break from one another and not engage with other parties," Ray added, highlighting the amicable nature of the potential separation.

AEW's Big Opportunity

In a scenario where Lynch might be free from her WWE commitments, Ray posited an interesting twist, suggesting that AEW President Tony Khan should seize the opportunity. "If I were Tony Khan, I wouldn’t just be listening to pitches; I'd be backing up a Brinks truck to bring her into AEW with a significant offer," he said, indicating the high market value Lynch could command.

Adding another layer to the drama, Lynch's husband, Seth Rollins, who is also a former World Heavyweight Champion, has re-signed with WWE in a multi-year deal. Unlike Lynch, Rollins is currently on a hiatus, recovering from a knee injury he suffered during a January match against Jinder Mahal.

As the wrestling world turns its eyes towards June 1, the uncertainty of Lynch's WWE career continues to dominate discussions among fans and analysts alike. The next few weeks could very well shape the future trajectory of her professional life, whether it remains within WWE or takes a new turn elsewhere in the wrestling sphere.

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