Rob Van Dam Talks Possible Opponents in WWE & AEW - Exciting Prospects Revealed

Wrestling fans brace yourselves for some exciting dream match possibilities.

by Noman Rasool
Rob Van Dam Talks Possible Opponents in WWE & AEW - Exciting Prospects Revealed
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Rob Van Dam, the WWE Hall of Famer, has taken the wrestling world by storm since his recent appearance in AEW. Fans can't help but wonder, with every performance, one dream match after another for this veteran superstar. During a recent episode of the "1 of a Kind" podcast, RVD said that he wants to face some of the opponents on the current WWE and AEW rosters.

Basking in a refulgence of his career, he said he wanted to get his hands on a retirement match against his long-time buddy-cum-rival Sabu. "I wouldn't mind having Sabu's final match that he's talking about having, a retirement match.

That would be cool," RVD said.

WWE Dream Matches

Speaking to the current stars of WWE, RVD said he was interested in facing Kevin Owens, a wrestler who is reportedly interested in facing the ECW legend. "There's a little buzz that Kevin Owens wants to wrestle RVD, I'm down for that, that would be cool," he said.

But the high-flying Ricochet is a guy he would like to work with, saying, " I think it would be cool to work with Ricochet. That kid can do some amazing stuff." RVD even claimed a "dream match" against the legendary Kevin Nash, surprisingly proving his adaptability and willingness to be in the ring in different eras of opponents.

Regarding AEW, RVD said he would like to reignite a feud with current AEW World Champion Swerve Strickland. The two have faced off in the past. "I would like to wrestle Swerve again, too," RVD said. "We had a good chemistry, we had a good match, we crank it up and add a lot if we had a chance to do a program." He went so far as to say a potential feud with Strickland was like his legendary Jerry Lynn rivalry in ECW and how maybe they could recapture that sort of magic in modern wrestling.

He had also said that he would like to wrestle old-timers like Christian Cage and Chris Jericho, referring to his eagerness to face opponents of a different ilk. Ever the World Warrior, as Rob Van Dam continues to defy age somehow and profess his magnificent in-ring abilities, the wrestling world can only wait with bated breath for what dream matches shall finally be realized and for the epic moments provided to fans of all ages.

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