Will Roman Reigns be back soon?

New details on WWE plans for Roman Reigns

by Simone Brugnoli
Will Roman Reigns be back soon?
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Since after WrestleMania, Roman Reigns has not been traceable on the screens that have shown the various episodes of WWE, in particular thanks to a well-deserved moment of rest that the former champion has granted himself after having carried the federation on his shoulders for more than three years, bringing it to touch important heights again after many years of hard work.

However, during his absence the Bloodline issue has (in storyline) literally gotten out of hand, so much so that Paul Heyman has found himself in difficulty in the face of Solo Sikoa's desire for revenge, who not only ended his streak of defeats and distanced his brother Jimmy, but also called to his side in the Bloodline, or rather, new Bloodline, the brothers Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa.

But in the days leading up to it, word has started to circulate that Roman Reigns may already be ready to return to WWE, with Dave Meltzer giving his take on the situation in the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, transcribed by Ringside News, where he said: “[Paul] Heyman and Roman [Reigns] have been turned into babyfaces by the crowd.

They’ve made it clear that he’s coming back soon. So I’m guessing it’s probably July”.

Latest update on Roman Reigns

In recent days, even on our pages, we reported that Ringside News instead had made it known that: “Ringside News was able to confirm with a member of the [WWE] writing team that they have not been informed of an early return planned for Roman Reigns”.

In addition, the journalist added a sentence that was told to him: “No one in WWE has heard anything about this and I highly doubt that it is true”. After everything that has happened and is happening with the Bloodline, one suspects that Roman Reigns could return as a good guy to bring the Usos, excluded from this new Bloodline, and maybe some other family members on his side for a Bloodline vs Bloodline.

Regardless of all the issues, however, Roman would be ready to return and would already be plotting something to take back what he created and made great, but he might not do it alone. Fighting this Bloodline alone could really represent a threat, so the latest speculations released by the site would like him back alongside Jimmy Uso, but not only that: the Jey Uso option is around the corner for a three-on-three with the latter team as the face team, thus allowing us to get to know a new face and a new side of Roman Reigns.

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