WWE changes plans for Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was advertised for SmackDown

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE changes plans for Roman Reigns
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One of the characters that WWE Universe fans are definitely missing the most at the moment is Roman Reigns, former WWE world champion, who had to put an end to his very long reign of over 1000 days at WrestleMania 40, giving up his belt to American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.

In a match that saw the interference of great characters from the last 20-30 years of world pro-wrestling, from Seth Rollins to The Rock and also passing through Undertaker, Cody succeeded in the feat that he had not managed to do last year, beating the Tribal Chief of SmackDown.

In the last few hours, there has been a lot of talk about Reigns again, given that his name was among those advertised on SmackDown in the last episode of the blue show before SummerSlam, with his face that has however disappeared in the last few hours.

In fact, among all the characters advertised for that edition of the blue show, Reigns no longer appears, a sign that his absence from the WWE rings may have been extended or simply that WWE, even if he returned for that moment, still wants to keep everything a secret.

Update on Roman Reigns' status

After the stinging defeat suffered at the hands of Cody Rhodes, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns has not been seen in the WWE rings, with Roman who is continuing to train, to stay in shape, in view of his future return to the rings of the federation, which apparently will be a surprise.

In the last few days, Roman's face had appeared in a video of a very intense workout, done in the gym with the actor and bodybuilder Kai Greene, in which Reigns is seen to be in great shape, ready to return to the WWE rings at any moment.

In recent days, even on our pages, we had reported that Ringside News had instead made it known that: “Ringside News was able to confirm with a member of the [WWE] writing team that they have not been informed of an early return planned for Roman Reigns”.

In addition, the journalist added a sentence that was told to him: “No one in WWE has heard anything about this and I highly doubt that it is true”.

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