New details on Bobby Lashley's status after injury

Bobby Lashley returns to top form after injury

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Bobby Lashley's status after injury
© Bobby Lashley/Twitter

One of the temporary absentees from the WWE rings at the moment, responds to the name of Bobby Lashley, former world champion of the company who was ousted from the tournament to decree the King of the Ring 2024 of the company, due to an unspecified injury.

For several weeks, in fact, Bobby Lashley has left the Street Profits orphaned of his presence, with his return to the ring that does not seem very far away, given the latest training sessions in which Lashley took part and which he also wanted to share with his fans on his social pages.

In the last few hours, in fact, Lashley has brought the following video, where he shows himself struggling with an elastic rope to perform some very important exercises to get back into "ring" shape, after his absence lasting a few weeks.

Latest update on Bobby Lashley

At one point last year, it looked like WWE was looking to increase the number of athletes associated with Bobby Lashley, with another name that had arrived on the main roster and then disappeared, who was supposed to join the stable.

The athlete who was supposed to be added to the team was none other than Odyssey Jones, a former NXT athlete who was moved to SmackDown in last year's draft, but who has never appeared on the blue show's television screens until now.

According to a report several months ago by Sean Ross Sapp of the website Fightful and transcribed by Ringside News, in fact: "Odyssey Jones has not been on TV with WWE in months, but he is back on the road anyway. We're told that there were plans to put him in the Lashley/Street Profits group at one point, but there have been no further on-screen developments.

However, he has already been back on the road with WWE, teaming with Cameron Grimes against Austin Theory and Grayson Waller at recent live events." In the last few hours, however, we have seen some matches be turned upside down due to injuries, with Zelina Vega and Bobby Lashley unable to take part in their respective matches due to some unspecified problems.

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