Tiffany Stratton speaks about her future

Tiffany Stratton thinks about her future outside the ring

by Simone Brugnoli
Tiffany Stratton speaks about her future
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According to the Hollywood Reporter, WWE Superstar Tiffany Stratton has signed a contract with Paradigm Talent Agency, an agency that deals with representing people in the entertainment world. The site reported that the agency wants to represent the rising WWE star who has not only made an impression thanks to her character and athletic skills, but who is also very popular on social media, an important requirement nowadays.

According to Hollywood Report, this deal could bring in a nice profit for everyone since WWE has also recently signed a contract with Netflix to broadcast several shows, and therefore Tiffany Stratton herself could be included in some TV show or some film produced by the platform itself.

In addition, it seems that Paradigm wants to focus on building around the girl a career similar to that of three great former wrestlers turned actors: Dwayne Johnson, John Cena and Dave Bautista [Batista]. In a recent interview that we also transcribed on our website a few days ago, Tiffany Stratton talked about her dream matches in WWE: “I feel like Bianca [Belair] and I have a very similar background and similar styles,” Tiffany Stratton said.

“She calls herself EST: she may have been EST with her other opponents, but she’s never faced anyone like me and when she does, she won’t be EST anymore”.

Tiffany Stratton comments on her future

Speaking about her future in WWE, Tiffany Stratton showed a lot of enthusiasm for what awaits her, and given the premises she has every reason to be optimistic: “I think there are so many incredible matches possible for me: me against Asuka, me against Charlotte [Flair]… Me against IYO SKY.

I’m so excited for the future!” Regarding The Queen, the girl has already said in the past that it is thanks to her that she became passionate about the discipline. Since she debuted on the main roster, Tiffany Stratton has been able to attract everyone's attention for her skill and incredible athletic preparation, immediately conquering the top of the cards.

Many have appreciated her talent since NXT where she was able to dominate her category, but the general public has had the opportunity to get to know her since the Royal Rumble 2024.

Tiffany Stratton