Damian Priest Set to Expel Ex-WWE Champ from Judgment Day

Liv Morgan's loyalty could reshape WWE's championship landscape.

by Atia Mukhtar
Damian Priest Set to Expel Ex-WWE Champ from Judgment Day
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In the ever-turbulent world of WWE's Monday Night RAW, The Judgment Day, led by Damian Priest, continues to navigate a tumultuous path. Despite a semblance of harmony within the group, Dominik Mysterio has emerged as a contentious figure, causing friction and unrest.

His recent narrative entanglement with Liv Morgan has only deepened the divide, pushing Priest and Finn Balor to their limits. Last week's RAW concluded without Mysterio alongside his faction, signalling his growing detachment from The Judgment Day.

This brewing discord could reach a climax on the upcoming episode of RAW, where Priest might make the drastic decision to expel Mysterio from the group. This move could come just before Mysterio's critical championship bout against Drew McIntyre at the highly anticipated Clash at the Castle.

Morgan's Critical Intervention

The ramifications of such a decision could extend beyond the immediate expulsion. Liv Morgan, currently involved in a storyline with Mysterio, might play a pivotal role in the outcome of Damian Priest's World Heavyweight Championship defence at the event.

In a twist of fate, Morgan could intervene in the match to demonstrate her allegiance to Mysterio, suggesting his future lies away from Judgment Day. This potential scenario sets the stage for Mysterio to possibly align with Morgan, distancing himself from his former allies and changing the dynamics within WWE.

Moreover, the upcoming Clash at the Castle 2024 presents a critical juncture for Priest. As he prepares to defend his title against McIntyre, the tension within The Judgment Day could culminate disastrously. Any ringside interference from his stablemates might infuriate Priest, potentially costing him the match and the championship.

A loss could provoke a heated confrontation, possibly leading to a brutal betrayal as his faction turns against him in a post-match assault. Such developments would not only strip Priest of his championship but also leave him reeling from the treachery of those he once commanded.

The future of The Judgment Day hangs in the balance as alliances are tested and loyalties are questioned in the high-stakes drama of WWE.

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