Triple H's New Plans for Drew McIntyre Without CM Punk Title Shot

Drew McIntyre's Rocky Road to WWE Glory Unfolds

by Noman Rasool
Triple H's New Plans for Drew McIntyre Without CM Punk Title Shot
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Drew McIntyre seems to be programmed to compete against Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Title at Clash at the Castle. Many expect Drew McIntyre, with the Scottish crowd entirely in his corner and on home turf, to reclaim that World Title.

History with the Money in the Bank briefcase may yet again come into play, but the path toward the championship is constantly twisting. At the just ended WrestleMania 40, McIntyre beat Seth Rollins to claim the World Heavyweight Champion, but he had zero time to celebrate it.

Surprisingly, interference from CM Punk brought McIntyre down, presenting an opportunity for Damian Priest of The Judgment Day to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and take the title. This would also not be the first time McIntyre has fallen victim to the Money in the Bank briefcase.

On the way to WrestleMania in 2021, he had survived the Elimination Chamber match, only to lose his championship when The Miz cashed in on him to win the title. Now, as history seems to be repeating itself, Triple H may just be writing a new chapter for McIntyre Come Clash at the Castle.

Punk's Impact at Scotland

It is being speculated that he will have an unraveling with CM Punk, leading to him losing the title at the Scotland event. The history surrounding McIntyre, with the continuous jibes towards Punk, would not appear surprising if Punk were to emerge and cost him the match once again.

This will further fuel their enmity while propelling McIntyre to seek redemption elsewhere. Now frustrated even further, McIntyre may finally be provoked into doing battle in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, seeking to turn his luck around once the very briefcase of destiny he hates with a passion is included.

Such an outcome could place him as a strong contender and become the next Mr. Money in the Bank, triggering a full blown heel transformation complete of high profile feuds on RAW. Damian Priest's retaining over McIntyre would, therefore, be a pretty dramatic result, setting a compelling narrative that might well resonate beyond the Clash at the Castle.

With the event taking place in just under a week, all eyes will fall on what is next for Drew McIntyre, especially regarding what sort of retribution he lays out against Damien Priest following last week's failed sneak attack on the WWE RAW superstar.

With the last RAW episode before the big match coming soon, people are starting to wonder how The Scottish Warrior is going to return, making the set up for what should be a classic showdown in Scotland.

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