New details on CM Punk's current status

WWE and TNA celebrities in attendance during NXT Battleground

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on CM Punk's current status
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During the night, WWE put on its latest NXT effort, with several important matches that took place and entertained the entire audience, both those present at the event, in the location lent by the UFC, and at home, connected to the various global networks that broadcast the show.

One of the most anticipated matches was certainly the one between the two NXT and TNA champions, with Roxanne Perez who retained her title against Jordynne Grace, in a truly beautiful and hard-fought contest. Following the match of the two girls, apparently the entire TNA management also arrived, with the well-known site Fightful Select reporting the news live, after several fans spotted Gail Kim in the audience of the event and from there also discovered the identity of the person who was with her.

Sean Ross Sapp reported in the last few hours: "TNA President Anthony Cicione, Jonathan Gresham, Gail Kim and SVP of Content Ariel Shnerner are all at NXT Battleground". Obviously, TNA management was in the audience to closely follow the performance of its Knockout Champion and probably also to see the results of the agreements made with Triple H and WWE regarding a twinning between TNA and WWE in the future.

In addition to the many well-known and important faces of TNA, apparently in the backstage of the event that took place tonight, there would also have been the presence of the former WWE Champion CM Punk, who is recovering from his triceps injury, after the long months of absence from the Royal Rumble to date.

CM Punk was at NXT Battleground

As reported by the site PWInsider, in fact: "The WWE Superstar former ex-UFC fighter CM Punk is reported to be present in the backstage of the WWE PPV of NXT tonight". Who knows what CM Punk did and who he spoke to backstage of the event tonight.

In all this, CM Punk underwent surgery on the triceps injured at the Royal Rumble and has since begun his rehabilitation to return to the company's rings, starting a long journey that will bring him back to the rings of Monday Night Raw, to conclude his feud with the Scotsman Drew McIntyre.

After seeing McIntyre become the new #1 contender for the Raw heavyweight title, in view of Clash at the Castle, we learn that CM Punk has also started training in the gym to regain 100% functionality of the operated limb.

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