Final WWE RAW Before Clash at the Castle 2024: Big Exits & Showdowns

WWE plans strategic exits for Ricochet and Natalya.

by Noman Rasool
Final WWE RAW Before Clash at the Castle 2024: Big Exits & Showdowns
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Tonight marks the final episode of WWE RAW before the much-anticipated Clash at the Castle 2024, scheduled for this Saturday in Glasgow, Scotland. In a strategic buildup to the event, WWE has lined up three thrilling matches for tonight's broadcast.

As part of tonight's spectacle, WWE will escalate the excitement for its upcoming premium live event, Clash at the Castle. Additionally, the episode may feature the last RAW appearances of two notable former champions, Natalya and Ricochet, whose contracts are reportedly nearing their end.

Ricochet, often hailed as "The Human Highlight Reel," has indicated a reluctance to renew his contract, hinting at a departure from the wrestling titan. On the other hand, Natalya's future with WWE remains uncertain. Having not been involved in significant storylines on RAW recently, speculation is rife that she might exit the company post-contract.

Ricochet's Impending Exit

Reports suggest that WWE may phase Ricochet out of current storylines ahead of his impending exit. This could potentially lead to an on-screen injury scenario to explain the absence of both Natalya and Ricochet from future programming.

In other developments, last week’s RAW saw Liv Morgan making conspicuous advances towards Dominik Mysterio, despite his initial resistance. The segment ended with Mysterio showing a hint of a smile, sparking rumors of a possible betrayal of his ally, Rhea Ripley.

Tonight's episode is poised to potentially unveil a collusion between Mysterio and Morgan, setting the stage for a dramatic storyline twist and a high-profile championship bout. Furthermore, Drew McIntyre is set to confront Damian Priest this Saturday at Clash at the Castle.

Anticipation is high for McIntyre's appearance tonight to confront his opponent directly. Amidst swirling rumors, there's also buzz about CM Punk possibly interfering in the upcoming title match. McIntyre might use tonight’s platform to send a preemptive warning to Punk, advising him to steer clear of the championship showdown.

As RAW sets the stage for these electrifying developments, tonight's episode is expected to be a cornerstone event leading into one of the year’s biggest wrestling spectacles.

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