Logan Paul wants to be even more successful

Logan Paul continues to be successful and fans love him

by Simone Brugnoli
Logan Paul wants to be even more successful
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One of the most beloved characters of Friday Night SmackDown is definitely LA Knight, an athlete who also moved from NXT, after his brilliant period in TNA, who has now entered the good graces of the WWE Universe public, but has not yet managed to win anything important in the company's rings.

One of the most hated athletes of the blue roster, however, responds to the name of Logan Paul, and has been the United States champion of the federation for a few months now. In the last episode of the blue show, there was a face to face between the two athletes that seemed very interesting to the company's public, with the latest accesses to the social networks of the two athletes that have done nothing but increase this interest, in view of a feud between the two.

In the last hours, LA Knight wanted to take a dig at the WWE US champion, calling him a "social media influencer" who can't even tag someone. In response, the champion of the blue show responded in kind by calling LA Knight a megastar who has not yet managed to win even one title in WWE.

Logan Paul continues to succeed

After seeing several sensational maneuvers by both athletes in Saudi Arabia, in the main event of King & Queen of the Ring, with Logan Paul and Cody who used commentary tables, stakes and barricades to jump on their opponent, in the most unlikely ways, in the end the match was won by the undisputed WWE champion, with Cody Rhodes who thus kept his title firmly at his sides.

A few hours after the end of the PPV, however, Logan Paul unusually wanted to thank his opponent, despite the defeat, posting the following tweet on X, on his official page: "I had a lot of fun tonight. Thanks for the dance Cody Rhodes".

According to Steve Carrier, in fact, WWE never intended to put the United States title on the line, but the whole thing was staged to create even more heat towards Logan Paul with the whole segment seen in the last episode of the blue show that in fact achieved its purpose. Therefore, everything was not changed at the last minute, nor were there ever other plans for this match.

Logan Paul