Latest update on Chad Gable's current status

Chad Gable isn't getting enough attention from WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Latest update on Chad Gable's current status
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In recent months, one of the most active characters in WWE has certainly been Chad Gable. Leader of the Alpha Academy, the former Olympian seems to have finally emerged from the tunnel of Comedy Wrestling that has seen him, over the years, a harbinger of irony rather than of his innate skills in the ring.

For those who love more technical Wrestling, there is no doubt: Chad Gable is one of the top seeds. Matt Cardona, former Zack Ryder in WWE currently under contract with NWA and GCW, also thinks so, he answered some questions from fans on X/Twitter.

When asked who the most underrated athlete in WWE was, Chelsea Green's husband had no doubts about the answer to give.

Chad Gable isn't getting enough attention

The answer given to that question was cruel and lapidary: “Chad Gable.

I know he’s currently attracting more attention, but it’s not enough”. A thought that has also been expressed several times by WWE fans and Wrestling in general and that finally seems to find some concreteness in his new skin, that of someone who has had enough of giving it his all and never getting anywhere other than seeing his family in tears.

A few days earlier, as reported by Fightful, Gunther also spoke out on the matter, saying that Sami Zayn was a great option to end his title reign, but Chad Gable would have been too. Chad Gable also received his umpteenth title shot tonight, with the athlete arriving at Clash at the Castle as a title challenger to Sami Zayn, in a match valid for the secondary title of Monday Night Raw that could contain some surprises that fans have been anticipating for a few days.

On tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, as WWE Tag Team Champions Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill made their entrance to the ring, Gable was briefly spotted talking privately with the Creed Brothers, with Julius and Brutus very interested in what the Alpha Academy leader was telling them.

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