Bayley Dreams of WrestleMania Clash

Wrestling's future teases an epic showdown at WrestleMania.

by Atia Mukhtar
Bayley Dreams of WrestleMania Clash
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First, WWE star Sasha Banks-now Mercedes Mone, caused shockwaves throughout the wrestling world when she made her debut at the start of this year in AEW. One of their most influential female figures had switched to a different arena moment that would be among the biggest in wrestling history up until that moment.

With all the fanfare going on for her introduction in the AEW, Mone's journey there is still on, and yet she remains at the top of the pile with a mouth-watering contract. Speaking candidly in an interview with Bernard Colas, WWE Women's Champion Bayley touched on the prospects of Mone returning to WWE, setting fans abuzz over the probability of a potential WrestleMania blockbuster match.

Known for her sincerity and enthusiasm, Bayley genuinely shared that she would love to meet an opponent like Mone at the said event showdown that seemed like such an opportunity that could provide them both with a platform not only for their athletes qualities but also for showing their abiding friendship and pro rivalry.

Bayley's WrestleMania Dream

Bayley had to say, "In my dreams, it does happen. Time is ticking, but never say never. It's a phrase I reluctant use because it's so cliché-but true-wrestling is unpredictable and full of surprises.

So, that's been floating around in my head, just the unpredictability of this world." Who knows? It may take ten years or more, but should that occur, then it would be something very special still. She added with great optimism : So do what you must do.

Although Mercedes Mone and Bayley have clashed on several different occasions previously inside the WWE ring, those confrontations never measured up to the grand magnitudes of the WrestleMania stage-most, noticeably elevating both very quickly to new pinnacles in their careers.

Yet, just an idea like these two wrestling stalwarts coming together at such a prestigious historic venue is getting fans and pundits alike excited about potentially an event that can be remembered for many years to come.

With Mone's current contract with AEW posing a barrier to an immediate WWE comeback, personal intentions that she has left open, and the notion that she'll one day return's zest for that potential showdown are just enough to keep the wrestling community abuzz at least as far as the following marks their careers will leave in this wrestling world. This cannot be an exciting chapter like that of a WrestleMania duel written by and inside all those storied careers.

Bayley Wrestlemania