WWE ‘Astonished’ by Tama Tonga’s Standout Performance

Tama Tonga's debut has made waves within WWE circles.

by Noman Rasool
WWE ‘Astonished’ by Tama Tonga’s Standout Performance
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The debut of Tama Tonga in WWE with this colossal faction called the Bloodline has garnered momentum backstage. It's in the conversation now for one of the best moves that the company could've made. Debuting since the April 12 edition of SmackDown, he has been part of some of the key matches, even stepping in as a replacement for Jimmy Uso against Solo Sikoa.

His performances have been nothing short of first-class, kicking off his winning way with Solo Sikoa in the Street Fight against Kevin Owens and Randy Orton in the WWE Backlash. What was matched by the strength of Tonga was the win in this Street Fight and his semi-final 2024 King of the Ring contestability.

Tonga's Intense Style

Indeed, as Dave Meltzer pointed out on Wrestling Observer Radio, the collective feeling about the work done thus far by Tonga is that he is clearly among the best on the WWE roster. Meltzer wrote, "Tama Tonga is one of the best guys they've got.

He's been performing exceptionally well. Everyone's been surprised by just how good he is. They knew he was talented, but he has stepped up his game." Meltzer opened up a bit further, saying, "One of the things when wrestlers come from Japan is they're used to a faster style, used to a much more intense style.

That helps them in WWE when they start because they have a style that's always been known as relentless, physical intensity, and that sure turns heads with fans. And that's basically what Tonga's been doing." In the latest turn of events, the faction has taken in Tonga Loa, brother to Tonga and former NJPW star, into the group, expanding its influence in the comprehensive setup of WWE.

So, by developing within WWE this time, the group keeps growing more robust, making Bloodline an unbeatable force. With the Bloodline turning up in the WWE program, with Tama Tonga and now adding Tonga Loa, things get even more interesting, though fraught with possibility, intrigue, and excitement.

Fans and insiders are raring to go, especially to see how the new dynamics will unfold for more significant and more thrilling happenings in high-stakes matches in the coming weeks. Now, with the arrival of Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa as the key figures of Bloodline, WWE can look to the future with excitement.

Fans can promise a real buzz about their displays, where they should be leading their seat edges waiting for the next page of this plot.