WWE's Matt Riddle Talks Origins: Believed He Could Surpass Pro Wrestling

Exploring Matt Riddle's transformative journey in professional wrestling.

by Noman Rasool
WWE's Matt Riddle Talks Origins: Believed He Could Surpass Pro Wrestling
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Matt Riddle's ascent from a seasoned MMA competitor to a celebrated WWE Superstar encapsulates an unexpected but inspiring journey, one largely fueled by the advent of the WWE Network and its accessible pricing. Commencing his professional stint in mixed martial arts in 2008, Riddle honed his combat skills until 2024.

It was his distinctive prowess in wrestling that eventually drew the spotlight of WWE scouts. By 2018, he was an integral part of the wrestling giant, claiming titles such as U.S. and Raw Tag Team Champion. However, in 2023, WWE released Riddle, setting the stage for his impactful stints in MLW and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Early Wrestling Aspirations

Riddle's wrestling fascination began in childhood, he recounted during his appearance at River City Comic Con. Despite this early interest, the path to professional wrestling was not straightforward.

"As a kid, I was keen on wrestling, but my mom was against me attending a pro wrestling school, and I felt I lacked the size for it," Riddle explained. This led him to pursue amateur wrestling and later, a career in MMA. The launch of the WWE Network was a pivotal moment for Riddle.

The service's affordability—marked by a monthly fee of just $9.99 allowed him, a former UFC fighter, to regularly access wrestling content which was previously out of his financial reach due to high pay per view costs.

"That low price point was a gamechanger. It let me dive deep into the world of WWE and the legends, something I couldn't afford before," Riddle said. Reflecting on the evolution of wrestling over the years, Riddle observed a shift in the wrestlers' profiles, noting a trend towards more athleticism and technical skills, exemplified by stars like Daniel Bryan.

"The industry had evolved, focusing more on a realistic style of wrestling. Seeing that, I realized I could excel and perhaps outshine many within the arena," he remarked. Today, although no longer with WWE, Riddle continues to validate his wrestling prowess across various platforms, cementing his status as a formidable contender in the wrestling world.

With his relentless spirit and unique skill set, the future looks promising for the 'King of Bros,' as he continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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