Update on Roxanne Perez's future

CM Punk tries to give Roxanne Perez advice

by Simone Brugnoli
Update on Roxanne Perez's future
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At NXT Battleground 2024, which took place on Sunday, June 9 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, champion Roxanne Perez defended her NXT Women's Championship from Jordynne Grace, who recently returned to WWE to challenge her after appearing at the beginning of the year at the Royal Rumble.

In the end, the girl emerged victorious from the match, taking home the belt once again thanks to a distraction from Tatum Paxley and Ash By Elegance (formerly Dana Brooke), with the former attempting to steal the TNA Knockouts World Title only to be stopped by Ash, who has been circling that belt for weeks, with Jordynne Grace, the rightful owner, stopping them by hitting them with the belt, getting too distracted to allow Roxanne to land a Pop Rocks for the win.

New details on Roxanne Perez

In a Digital Exclusive broadcast on WWE social media channels, we saw an interview with Roxanne Perez who commented on the match and the victory: “Are we surprised? Tell me now if we’re surprised.

Obviously you’re not, right? Because no one was. But why? Why? I’m The Prodigy. No one is like me”. But after these statements, CM Punk arrived to talk to the champion. “Wait, calm down for a second. I hate to interrupt all this.

Listen, you’re the champion for a reason. You’re above all these women that are here. You’re above all the TNA Knockouts. But tonight, you got lucky. You need to focus on this thing. I need you to be who you really are, I need you to be The Prodigy.

You don’t need anything else”. At that point, Roxanne replied: “Thanks for the advice. What a hypocrite, huh?”, before walking away. After seeing her back on the WWE rings for the start of a feud with Roxanne Perez, with the NXT women's title at stake, which she lost tonight in the PLE Battleground, it seems that the Knockout champion has really caught the attention of WWE, so much so that the Stamford federation is apparently thinking of stealing the athlete's contract from TNA.

According to what was reported by Mike Johnson of PW Insider, in fact, this would not be uncommon, with WWE literally buying the athlete's contract from TNA, with an agreement between all parties.v

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