Ricochet's future worries fans

Ricochet worries WWE fans and management

by Simone Brugnoli
Ricochet's future worries fans
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This morning, we reported on our pages that, in a new update from Fightful Select, with a WrestleTalk transcript, we learned that there is a high probability that Ricochet will indeed leave WWE with AEW willing to sign him and that would probably be the federation where he will go since he knows many people there including Will Ospreay.

The report also states that creative measures have already been taken to exclude the wrestler from programming in the event that he were to actually leave, but at the same time there are plans on how to make him exit the scene by showing him one last time to the fans.

The most quoted would be a squash by Bron Breakker who has already been devastating the Raw roster in the last few episodes.

Ricochet could disappear from WWE

Well, in another update from PWInsider in the last few hours, reported for free by WrestlePurists, we learn that WWE's current plans are to write the athlete out of the shows starting from tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, with Ricochet then having no more dates to do with the federation.

And, unless WWE makes him a new offer that he can't refuse before his contract expires, tonight could be the last time we see the wrestler in WWE. Again PWInsider, and again with a transcript from WrestlePurists, reported that it is not true that there was uncertainty about his farewell, in fact it was confirmed that Ricochet actually warned the federation that he did not want to renew some time ago.

Following the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, WWE taped a match for the WWE Speed ​​Championship that will be uploaded to the X profile of the federation later. In that match, Andrade defeated Ricochet to become the new WWE Speed ​​Champion, after the Mexican managed to take home the victory against Karl Anderson on the June 5 episode of WWE Speed.

The two still have to face each other on the June 12 episode and whoever wins will face Ricochet for the title, although obviously we already know how that will end.