Ricochet's Dramatic WWE Exit: A Brutal Farewell on Monday Night Raw

WWE star Ricochet parts ways in dramatic fashion.

by Noman Rasool
Ricochet's Dramatic WWE Exit: A Brutal Farewell on Monday Night Raw
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WWE's dynamic arena witnessed another high-voltage exit as Ricochet, the former U.S. Champion, signified his departure from the company. With his contract nearing its conclusion and amidst speculation of several stars renewing their deals, Ricochet distinctly chose not to re-sign, setting the stage for his imminent exit.

The scene of his departure was dramatically set on the June 10 episode of Monday Night Raw, where Ricochet's WWE journey seemed to end in a spectacular and brutal fashion. The episode showcased the formidable Bron Breakker, fresh off his victory over Ilja Dragunov, continuing his rampage.

Breakker's triumph wasn't enough as he continued to assault Dragunov post-match, prompting Ricochet to intervene in a bid to save his colleague. However, this decision led to a severe backlash for Ricochet.

Ricochet's Harsh Exit

In something that was very much out of a not-so-classic episode of WCW with Kevin Nash and Rey Mysterio, Breakker decimated Ricochet, tossing him into a production truck backstage.

The brutality continued, and Ricochet was dumped headfirst through the windshield of the car, leaving the viewers in a state of complete shock. The injuries were so bad that he required medical attention right there and then, leaving the venue in an ambulance with his fiancée and Raw ring announcer Samantha Irvin.

However, this was not just the violent conclusion to his evening; the occurrence also marked the end of his current run in WWE. A few days earlier, at the SmackDown taping ahead of the June 7 edition of SmackDown, the company belt that was on the waist of Ricochet was gone, only furthering a clear path for his exit.

Now that the wrestling community was abuzz with his future, one question remained: Where would the supremely talented superstar take his skills next? Fans of the WWE and enthusiasts have now been left to debate what is next for Ricochet's career.

However, the wrestling world just waits for the natural outcome of departure and what lies ahead for this high-flying sensation of the wrestling world.

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