Uncle Howdy's return could be imminent

Uncle Howdy could return to the ring soon

by Simone Brugnoli
Uncle Howdy's return could be imminent
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In recent weeks, WWE has created a lot of hype in its storyline for the return of Uncle Howdy to the rings of the Stamford company, with dozens and dozens of QR Codes that have appeared in all the weekly episodes of Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown and NXT.

Associated with these QR Codes, there were always cryptic messages that brought back to the universe of Bray Wyatt in some way, with some references to the Firefly Fun House or to Uncle Howdy, who returned again and again on the WWE TV screens.

In the episode of Raw aired tonight, yet another QR Code quickly appeared before the tag team match between the LWO & Braun Strowman and Judgment Day. Once the code was scanned, however, this time a countdown appeared, which will end at the beginning of the next episode of Monday Night Raw, in just over six days and which could lead to the debut of this mysterious new "force" of WWE, right in the next episode of the company's flagship show.

Uncle Howdy could be back soon

Now that Alexa is back in shape after her pregnancy and that her daughter is growing very well, the athlete seems ever closer to her return to the rings of the company that once belonged to the McMahons and is now managed by TKO, with Bliss who should return to the storyline of Wyatt 6, with which we will also see Uncle Howdy in the rings of the Stamford federation.

In the last few hours, Alexa also wanted to post an old photo of herself in ring attire with a strange caption that seems to urge her return to the WWE rings soon, with fans who can no longer wait. On the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, we saw yet another QR Code appear out of nowhere, with fans and insiders immediately scanning it to see Friday night's clue.

Among the many images and phrases that were hidden in the cryptic message, there was one image that piqued the curiosity and even a little emotion of the fans, namely the photo of the entrance door of the Firefly Fun House, a beloved segment that starred Bray Wyatt before his death. Unlike the original phrase, however, this time WWE changed the word "enter" to "Exit".