Mark Henry Inspires WWE's Ricochet

Ricochet's WWE future hangs in balance amid contract talks.

by Noman Rasool
Mark Henry Inspires WWE's Ricochet
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In what appears to be a pivotal moment in his career, WWE’s high-flying sensation Ricochet is reportedly on the verge of exiting the wrestling giant as his contract winds down this summer. Last night's episode of "Raw" seemed to set the stage for his departure, showcasing a dramatic scene where Ricochet was hospitalized after a brutal attack by Bron Breakker, which culminated with him being thrown through a car windshield.

Earlier in the day, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry discussed Ricochet’s contractual situation on "Busted Open Radio." Henry, a revered figure in wrestling, expressed deep personal admiration for Ricochet, describing him as one of the kindest individuals in the industry, comparable only to Rey Mysterio.

However, Henry pointed out that Ricochet’s non-confrontational nature might have made him a soft target for being overlooked by the organization. “Ricochet is one of those rare people in this business you can genuinely love for his kindness,” Henry remarked.

“But it’s that very kindness that has allowed the company to underplay his contributions, much like they’ve done with others who avoid stirring the pot”. Despite the looming end of his WWE tenure, Henry strongly suggested that Ricochet should reconsider his departure, albeit under more favorable conditions.

According to the former World's Strongest Man, Ricochet should negotiate a new agreement that includes a unique clause: the ability to terminate the contract if he perceives any actions by the company as detrimental to his professional success.

Advocating for Fairness

Henry advised, “He needs to make it clear that he expects fair treatment. He should demand a clause that allows him an out if he’s not handled properly. That’s the leverage he needs to ensure the company values him as much as they should”.

As discussions about Ricochet’s future intensify, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculation about his next moves. Will WWE manage to retain one of its most electrifying talents, or will Ricochet seek new opportunities elsewhere? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the outcome of these negotiations could set a precedent for how talent is treated in the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

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