Cody Rhodes Gifts Big to Viral Promo

WWE Champion Cody Rhodes supports global wrestling growth.

by Noman Rasool
Cody Rhodes Gifts Big to Viral Promo
© WWE/Youtube

In an inspirational turn at WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes not only captured the Undisputed WWE Title from Roman Reigns but also affirmed his commitment to nurturing the global wrestling community. As the new champion, Rhodes is keen on ensuring that aspiring wrestlers worldwide have the resources to forge their own legendary paths in the sport.

Recently, Soft Ground Wrestling (SGW) in Uganda caught the world's attention through their viral outdoor wrestling matches. SGW, an emerging wrestling promotion, showcases local talent on the literal soft grounds of Uganda, capturing the raw essence of wrestling.

The promotion has even hosted former WWE stars Mace and Mansoor, further boosting its profile. In a heartfelt move to support SGW’s budding talent, Cody Rhodes announced a significant contribution to their facilities.

Through a video shared on social media, Rhodes, also known as The American Nightmare, disclosed his plans to fund the construction of a professional wrestling ring for the Ugandan outfit. Emphasizing the universal appeal of wrestling, Rhodes expressed his desire to help SGW create a more structured environment for their athletes.

"The world may be fraught with social, climate, and political challenges, but our shared passion for wrestling unites us," Rhodes said in his message. He continued, "You need a proper ring to tell your stories and to perform safely and effectively.

We have sourced a local builder in Uganda to ensure that the ring meets your needs without the hassle of international shipping."

Rhodes's Symbolic Support

Rhodes's generosity extends beyond mere financial aid; it is a symbolic gesture welcoming SGW into the broader wrestling fraternity.

"The wrestling business has given me everything I could dream of, and this is my way of giving back," he added. This act of kindness underscores Rhodes’s role not just as a champion in the ring but also as an ambassador of the sport, fostering its growth on a global scale.

As SGW receives this transformative gift, the wrestling world eagerly anticipates the new stories and talents that will emerge from Uganda. Rhodes’s initiative is not just about providing equipment; it’s about creating opportunities and inspiring wrestlers everywhere that with the right support, the ring is their world to conquer.

Cody Rhodes