Ricochet's WWE Contract End Date Revealed; More Action Pitched

Ricochet contemplates a final, memorable WWE appearance.

by Noman Rasool
Ricochet's WWE Contract End Date Revealed; More Action Pitched
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In a dramatic and potentially final episode of "WWE Raw," Ricochet experienced a tumultuous evening that concluded with him being rushed to the hospital after a brutal encounter with Bron Breakker. During the climactic moments of the show, Breakker forcefully slammed Ricochet into a car windshield, marking a painful highlight.

This intense showdown might be the last time WWE fans witness Ricochet in action on their screens, as he is reportedly set to depart the franchise. Sources indicate that the former Intercontinental Champion has informed WWE of his intention to exit when his contract concludes later this summer, with the recent clash serving as his potential send-off.

Despite his impending departure, there could be one more twist in Ricochet's WWE saga. According to PWInsider Elite, there's a creative pitch within WWE for Ricochet to make a final appearance on "WWE Raw." This move aims to leverage the surge in attention following the publicization of his contract details.

While specifics of what Ricochet would undertake in this last hurrah remain undisclosed, speculation suggests it could involve a rematch or another storyline twist with Breakker, building on their recent explosive interaction.

Ricochet's Uncertain Farewell

Ricochet himself appears to be in favor of another appearance, seeing it as an opportunity to add one more memorable moment to his WWE tenure. However, it's uncertain whether WWE executives will green-light this idea.

Mike Johnson from PWInsider shared his skepticism, hinting that the recent "Raw" episode might indeed be Ricochet's swan song. Amidst these developments, the exact date of Ricochet's contract expiration had been shrouded in uncertainty.

It is now believed that his contract will end around July, setting the stage for a swift transition to free agency. This timing positions Ricochet to potentially join another wrestling promotion swiftly, with AEW rumored to be a likely destination.

Fans and insiders alike are abuzz with anticipation about where this skilled wrestler will showcase his talents next, as his WWE chapter appears to be drawing to a close.