New details on Becky Lynch's future

Becky Lynch posts her first photos away from WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Becky Lynch's future
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One of the heaviest names currently absent from the WWE rings is that of Becky Lynch, former Monday Night Raw champion who waited for the end of her contract with the company now managed by TKO to not renew her agreement and stay a little while at home with her husband Seth Rollins and daughter Roux.

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about Becky Lynch's contract, with her name remaining one of the h*ttest free agents in the world of pro-wrestling, but with the athlete's desire that would seem to be to return to WWE in some time, not going to "betray" the company's trust, by signing for another federation.

During tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, Becky wanted to tease her fans a little by posting three new photos on the X profile, showing the melancholy and sadness with which the athlete is facing her absence from the rings and the fans of the company.

"It must be Monday," is the phrase Becky wrote as a caption to these photos, with the clear reference to Monday Night Raw and her absence practically written all over her face.

New details on Becky Lynch

Matt Cardona, the former WWE Zack Ryder, who now works as General Manager of GCW and who wanted to make an "indecent proposal" to Becky Lynch and another illustrious colleague of his whose contract was expiring: Chad Gable, had also contributed to creating further smoke in the eyes of fans in recent weeks.

In his last appearance on In the Weeds with Jeremy Lambert & SP3, Cardona actually said: "I would love to have Becky Lynch in GCW. Chad Gable in GCW. Oh my God. That's unbelievable. Could we afford that? Probably not. They'd have to lower their pay just a little bit.

The fantasy booking we could have here? SDL vs. Becky Lynch. Chad Gable vs. Blake Christian or Joey Janela. If their contracts expire before Sunday, if Chad wanted to lower his pay, he could be in the gauntlet. Becky could be in the gauntlet.

Anyone could be in the gauntlet. They've got to lower their pay a lot. We don't have the TKO money. We do what we can."

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