WWE gives update on Ricochet's physical condition

WWE gives us update on Ricochet's physical condition after Raw attack

by Simone Brugnoli
WWE gives update on Ricochet's physical condition
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In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw we saw yet another brutal attack by Bron Breakker against Ricochet, with the WWE lightweight who had attempted to defend Ilja Dragunov from the clutches of the former NXT Champion, but was beaten up and thrown around backstage at the show.

After being thrown against production trucks and finally against the hood and windshield of a car parked backstage, Ricochet was taken away by an ambulance along with his girlfriend Samantha Irvin, with WWE who in the last few hours wanted to give an update on the athlete's health conditions.

As you all know by now, Ricochet did not want to extend his contract with the company, so this segment would serve to permanently remove the athlete from the scene. "BREAKING: After being hit by a brutal attack at the hands of Bron Breakker this Monday on Raw, Ricochet will be out of action for an indefinite period of time with several injuries to the upper body".

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If Becky Lynch had already left the rings of Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago, to take a voluntary break from wrestling, we don't know how long yet, now it would be Ricochet's time to leave WWE.

Unlike Becky, however, the former Intercontinental Champion of the company has decided to take a new path for his career, wanting to go work elsewhere, something that the former Raw champion in theory shouldn't do. In the episode of Monday Night Raw aired on Monday night, therefore, WWE decided to write a segment in which to concretize a reason for the athlete's future absence, with Bron Breakker who literally massacred Ricochet, after his match against Ilja Dragunov.

As a finale of the feud between the two, in fact, Breakker attacked Ricochet in the parking lot of the arena of the episode, throwing him against the buses and trucks of the production and finishing his opponent with a throw on the hood and the windshield of a parked car.

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