CM Punk Signs with Paradigm; AJ Lee Comments on His Continued Impact

Wrestling icon CM Punk embarks on a new venture.

by Noman Rasool
CM Punk Signs with Paradigm; AJ Lee Comments on His Continued Impact
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Among the big news is no longer about the highly rumored comeback of "The Best in the World" CM Punk at the WWE Survivor Series: WarGames. Instead, he just signed a massive deal with the world's leading global talent company Paradigm.

This is a new different step for Punk, who published his news on his Instagram and surprised his fans and his wife, former Divas Champion AJ Lee. Though he stepped away from in ring competition after an injury he sustained during the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble Match, CM Punk hasn't been invisible on WWE programming and has been spotted helping out at the tapings in a non wrestling capacity.

While breaking the news on Instagram regarding the deal, he referenced AJ Lee, who cheekily confirmed the hubby's charisma in the post. He reminded him and their fans alike that she is always right in her assessments.

AJ Lee's Career Evolution

One of the first stars of WWE's Women's Revolution, AJ Lee, was forced to retire in 2015 due to repeated injuries from competing in the ring.

Before that, she did have a fruitful wrestling career as a three time Divas Champion. Since then, in her professional career, AJ has worked behind the camera as well as an executive most recently doing double duties at the Women of Wrestling promotion as an executive producer and a color commentator until she left the company last year.

CM Punk recently talked about the possibility of AJ Lee returning to wrestling and towards the end, he gave an open ended answer. "Probably not. I think there is an open door. Selfishly, I would love it. I'm her biggest fan. So, I love everything she does." Although a big fan of his wife, he is still wholehearted about the possibility of her return.

As CM Punk takes this new step with Paradigm, the wrestling world waits and speculates on how this pairing is going to affect his career and whether this will open more doors for him outside of the square circle. At the same time, AJ Lee's legacy in the sport and her leadership in the women's wrestling world leaves its mark on both the fans and those within the ring.

Together, this power couple of wrestling is a source of endless fascination and a cynosure of attraction in the wrestling world.

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