Top analyst opens up on Becky Lynch's future

Becky Lynch's future is a topic of discussion among industry insiders

by Simone Brugnoli
Top analyst opens up on Becky Lynch's future
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One of the faces that WWE Universe fans are missing the most at the moment is definitely that of Becky Lynch, former Monday Night Raw champion who has been absent from the company's rings, waiting for her contract to expire and deliberately not renewing it with the TKO.

After waiting for the last day available to continue the agreement with WWE, Becky said goodbye to everyone and left WWE to take a break that no one knows how long it will be, with the company's executives who are convinced that Becky will return to sign a new contract, once her break is over, without going to work elsewhere.

In all of this, there are those who say she is aiming high now that she is a free agent, with Freddie Prinze Jr, former WWE writer and famous Hollywood actor, who wanted to talk about Becky's situation in the latest episode of his personal podcast, the Wrestling with Freddie podcast, saying: "I think she can legitimately ask for the moon.

I think she should ask for the salary of a Randy Orton, that type of salary". According to the former WWE writer, therefore, Becky could make a big deal out of being a free agent now, in order to ask the company for huge sums of money to return to wrestling, such as the salary of one of the top male stars like Randy Orton.

Update on Becky Lynch's status

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about Becky Lynch's contract, with her name remaining one of the h*ttest free agents in the world of pro-wrestling, but with the athlete's desire that would seem to be to return to WWE in some time, not going to "betray" the trust of the company, signing for another federation.

During the episode of Monday Night Raw on Monday night, Becky wanted to tease her fans a little by posting three new photos on the X profile, showing the melancholy and sadness with which the athlete is facing her absence from the rings and the fans of the company.

"It must be Monday", the phrase written by Becky as a caption to these photos, with the clear reference to Monday Night Raw and her absence that are practically written on her face.

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